Avery Peters, editior/writer
Photo by Anna Borcherdt

Welcome. I’m Avery.

I love to write, grow and share food, and make drinks. I am inspired by my landscape in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and by what is in season.

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A three-tone graphic showing the intersection of mindfulness, outdoors and food. A list of Interests: writing, faith, mindfulness, movement, herbalism, gardening, foraging, food/drink, fermentation, music and homesteding.

My Story

I grew up in Niagara, Ontario, in the fruit belt. Fresh, locally grown fruit became an obsession, and it was fitting that each summer, the peaches would ripen on my birthday. Now I live in Nova Scotia. The peaches ripen a few weeks later, and I gratefully accept a pint of cherries and a bouquet of fireweed flowers on my birthday instead.

I love to support my local farmers and artisans and grow some of my own food. I study herbalism and incorporate herbs into many things that I make. Whatever I don’t intentionally grow, I forage, and I love to learn a few new wild foods to harvest each year. Edible flowers are my favourite, and I will stop the car on the side of the road to take my kids + dog on an impromptu adventure.

All of this channels into a deep desire to put my experiences in a tactile form, whether it be written words on a page, a handmade zine or card, a custom tea blend, a drink for my friends, or a meal for my family. My faith + presence to the moment are at the center of what I do. Everything I make has a story behind it, an inspiration, a piece of joy. I hope that, by sharing it, it can plant a seed of inspiration in you.


Homeschooling Adventures

My kids are my teachers and when they came into my life I realized that I had to deepen my way of living and interacting with them and the world. As part of this deeper desire for connection we are beginning our homeschooling journey. I’m looking forward to sharing what we have been learning as we embark on this adventure.

Stories + Recipies

I share my stories and recipes in various places and had a column for drinks called “Zero Proof” in my local paper “The Grapevine” - a community-driven arts and culture publication serving the Annapolis Valley. Sign up to my newsletter to get more stories and recipes delivered to you.

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I invite you to join me on a journey though the year with my newsletter. As I am inspired by each season, so I share each season with you and invite you to reflect through essays and recipes that I write. I share any updates on publications and projects that I am working on in addition to pop up events and workshops I am attending in the Annapolis Valley. I also include thoughts on what movements and music inspire me.

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For those living further away from Nova Scotia, check out my (snail mail) mailing list where I hand publish and mail a zine to you. These will be announced in my newsletter. The cost will be minimal and vary to cover my time, postage, and materials.

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What is a Zine?

A zine is a grassroots version of a magazine. It can be tiny and simple and one page photocopied and folded or it can be a fancy collage or illustrated. The most important aspect is that it is made by hand and with passion. I see this as a fitting medium for me to explore my thoughts and share them with you. It is a wonderful antidote to online culture to have something tactile and I want to share this from my heart to you, in my own handwriting.

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